I love a lot of random things but mainly Arsenal FC and Football.
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    Arnold don’t play no games hoe.

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    "That moment you realize one of your friends is a complete dumb ass"

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    Nigeria officially beat Ebola — Here’s how 

    After 42 days without a newly reported case, Nigeria is officially Ebola free, the World Health Organization announced Monday, less than a week after Senegal also surpassed twice the disease’s maximum incubation period.

    Nigeria is a  ”spectacular success story,” WHO Country Director Rui Gama Vaz said in a press conference in the capital of Abuja earlier Monday.

    "But we must be clear that we only won a battle" | Follow micdotcom

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    Many people know that women make 77 cents to the dollar compared to men. But did you know that African-American women make just 64 cents to the dollar, and Hispanic women make just 56 cents? One group offers an interesting way to fix this

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    Lukas Podolski on rumors linking him to sp*rs 👑

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